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5 October 2019 live blog soccer️

It’s been awhile so bear with me as I get back into the groove of things. We have mostly the usual starting lineup for Liverpool today, with the exception of Lovren getting the start next to van Djik, I think it’s Lovren’s first time on the pitch in the PL this season, and Milner getting the start in the midfield over Henderson or Ox.

On the Leicester side, Madison is back after being out last week. And Choudhury, who I’ve liked when I’ve seen him play, is starting on the bench.

09:12 - A semi-bad pass to the middle of the pitch from Mane was mishandled by Fabinho and almost gave a chance to LC. Hardy ended up with the ball and got into the top of the box before a crowded clearance by van Djik.

09:14 - What a chance for Liverpool! Alexander-Arnold was playing for a corner before the balll bounced off the corner flag back to him. He then went on to nutmeg the defender and sending a perfect ball over the top to the far post where Milner had the opening, but sailed it over the goal.

09:16 - Beautiful touch pass from Vardy our to a streaking Barnes on a secondary break, but Barnes’ cross in was too far from Madison to even have the slight thought of danger. As Barnes gets more experience, those are going to be the plays he has to make to really elevate his game.

09:18 - Beautiful attack led by Firmino breaks down at the top of the box.

09:19 - Fabinho’s lob into the box is just a tad to heavy for Salah and ends up in the keepers hands.

09:25 - I’m biased, but Firmino doesn’t get enough credit for what he does and how truly great he is. His ability to be a chameleon in terms of style and positioning is what makes their front three as dangerous as it is. He could easily score more goals if that’s what their game plan called for, but instead he plays within the teams attack and makes everyone around him better.

09:27 - Amazing tackle by Mane on Chilwell just outside the box on a LC corner. Mane has taken huge strides this season as a defender and a playmaker. He has been proving me wrong a lot so far.

09:30 - And just when I give Mane credit, he leads the break and sends a strike right to the LC keeper with both Firmino and Salah on the break with him.

09:31 - Another good tackle by Mane just outside the Liverpool box at least.

09:34 - AA (Alexander-Arnold) with a pitch perfect cross that Firmino gets a sliding foot on but couldn’t get in goal. That might be the one play Salah and Mane would probably convert more often than Firmino.

09:36 - Dangerous attack for LC as Chilwell tries to send a low cross into the box on a quick attack. Luckily, the Liverpool defense looks more structured than they have in weeks past and have been able to deal with LC attacks pretty easily thus far.

09:38 - Super dangerous corner for LC. Actually aurprised they didn’t convert. It looked like they had two guys waiting for the ball to come down, but we’re unable to face the goal and get anything in the ball as the Liverpool defense worked to clear it. But now a close free kick for Madison.

09:38 - Beautiful save by Adrian! It would’ve been offsides anyway, but it’s still beautiful to see.

09:39 - LC has been dominating the possession and chances for the last ten minutes or so here.

09:40 - Yellow card for Fabinho as he takes down Madison to stop the break.

09:40 - Besides a few crosses, Liverpool has been sloppy passing the ball around the box.

09:41 - MANE GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL with a beautiful leading ball from Milner!!

Liverpool 1-0 Leicester City

09:45 - Another chance for Mane off a Firmino cutback, but it gets gobbled up by Schmeichel.

Liverpool 1-0 Leicester City

10:05 - And we are off. LC takes Barnes off for Albrighton to start things off.

10:09 - I know I hate in Henderson a lot, but Milner showed why he is better in that first half. Only thing Henderson has on Milner is speed and cardio, given that Milner is getting on the older side. Milner is a stronger defender (when speed isn’t a factor), a better passer, a smarter player, and a better captain. Milner should start every game and then just get taken off at the 60’ mark or flip it and send him on every game at the 60’ mark.

10:11 - Salah gets yanked justoutside the box. Giving Soyunku a yellow. Big free kick here.

10:12 - Mo’s kick gets stopped by the wall. I’m okay with the decision. The last ten free kicks have been Mo fakes with AA striking so it’s good to see Mo go for it right away for once.

10:14 - Some beautiful touch passes in a give and give and go between Salah and Mane that almost resulted in Mane’s second of the day. So close.

10:15 - Another near chance. Mane and Mo both standing over the ball at the top of the box ready to strike. A slight delay as they tried to figure out who would take it meant Mo’s shot was stopped quickly.

10:22 - AA to Firmino in the box and his strike goes just wide…

10:24 - Vardy gets loose behind Lovren and Adrian was there to meet him face on and take it away.

10:31 - Really don’t feel great about the 1-0 lead right now for Liverpool. LC is knocking and using subs much more effectively, which is nothing new for Klopp…

10:35 - Origi and Henderson coming on for Gigi and Firmino ag the 78’ mark.

10:38 - Tie game as Madison sends a hard strike passed Adrian as he tries to get down to stop it…

Liverpool 1-1 Leicester City

10:40 - I think it’s time for Keita to come on for Milner now.

10:41 - A lot of Liverpool players have been very heavy with their passes today keeping most chances out of reach.

10:42 - Origi wins Liverpool a corner. Hoping for something big here.

10:42 - Lovren’s header gets deflected resulting in another corner.

10:43 - And van Djik’s header goes just over the goal..

10:49 - Lallana coming in for the last three minutes of stoppage time.

10:51 - Mane wins a penalty for Liverpool in the box in the 93rd minute! Holy crap. No Salah or Firmino to take it, so it’ll probably be Mane’s to take.

10:52 - VAR confirms the penalty. Milner (obviously, how could I forget) up to take the shot.

10:53 - GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Liverpool continues their win streak!

10:55 - LC passing the ball effectively in the last seconds of stoppage time, but it’s not enough. Perez is super heated now for LC. Couldn’t tell if he’s beefing with Robertson or Lallana maybe?

Liverpool 2-1 Leicester City

10:55 - van Djik, Milner, and Mane were brilliant today. Salah, Robertson, and Gigi were pretty ineffective. Firmino, Fabinho, and AA were all solid.

10:57 - Klopp getting the fans super amped with the fist pumps. Liverpool haven’t looked at their peak yet this season, but they continue to find ways to eek out the victories over and over. An exciting and thrilling game. Great for Liverpool fans.

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