🎙 Quentin Tarantino’s Feature Presentation with Amy Nicholson from The Ringer and my Writer/Director Mt. Rushmore

23 July 2019 🎙 🎥


With Once Upon a Time in Hollywood coming out this week1, The Ringer has a three part podcast with Amy Nicholson sitting down with Tarantino himself.

Oh boy!

Tarantino along with the Anderson’s (PT and Wes2) make up the first three faces of my film writer/director Mt. Rushmore. I really should think about who would be the fourth… If it we’re just director, Spielberg and Fincher would be right there. Or just writer, Sorkin would be the obvious choice.

Christopher Nolan is probably the obvious first choice. But Rian Johnson and Taika Waititi3, who both have highly anticipated movies coming out this year, are on the up and up, with similar career paths to boot. Brick and Brothers Bloom vs. Boy and What We Do in the Shadows. Then bigger critically acclaimed hits with Looper and Hunt for the Wilderpeople before BAM! big Disney movie. Johnson with Star Wars and Waititi4 with Thor. On top of that with Knives Out and Jojo Rabbit releasing this year, the trajectory continues.

Jordan Peele and Edgar Wright, while very different from the above and each other, could eventually build a filmography worthy of the mountain.

Akira Kurosawa and Woody Allen probably deserve it if I knew there work better… and I’m probably missing tons of others, some I considered and removed, others I don’t know well enough, and then even more who I just forgot.

I’d love to hear others Mt. Rushmores on micro.blog.

  1. I’ve got tickets for Thursday, so psyched.↩︎

  2. I know they aren’t brothers…↩︎

  3. although I can never spell his name correctly the first time.↩︎

  4. got it right that time.↩︎

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