🔗 The New Dropbox Sucks

13 June 2019 link


John Gruber:

I don’t want any of this. All I want from Dropbox is a folder that syncs perfectly across my devices and allows sharing with friends and colleagues. That’s it: a folder that syncs with sharing. And that’s what Dropbox was.

I’m going to hold my judgement on this until I can actually use it. But from first look, I disagree with Gruber here. I think there is a lot of potential with some of these integrations and it’s obviously much different than Slack. For a one person company like Daring Fireball it might not be all that useful, but there’s a whole market out there that I bet will be able to take advantage of these tools if implemented well. And for me, I don’t use Dropbox much for work, but from a personal perspective, if they are able to make the experience useful from iOS, I’ll be all over seeing how I can use it behind the scenes with this site, which uses Blot and Dropbox as the backend.

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