6 June 2019 micro basketball bulls

Listening to the Bill Simmons Podcast today, and one thing caught my ear: Lonzo Ball for the 7th pick. I don’t hate it for Chicago. That’s only a possibility if Phoenix passes on him for the 6th pick, given they are also looking for a PG. Lakers are looking to stockpile assets for an AD trade and Lonzo seems adamantly against NOLA. For the Bulls, there’s a chance all three PGs (Ja, Garland, Coby) are off the board by 7, and Ja is probably the only sure thing anyways. With Lonzo, you know what you are getting and there’s a good chance hasn’t reached his full potential yet. He plays D, distributes well, and can impact the game without the ball in his hand, which is exactly what’s needed alongside LaVine, Porter, and Lauri. The biggest downside is Lavar…

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