🗞 Vol. 002 🔫

May 5, 2019 🗞


The weeks continues to be focused on work and the NBA Playoffs for me so I don’t know that I have much to talk about really. So far, the second round has lived up to the hype. Warriors and Bucks up 2-1 over the Rockets and Celtics, Toronto and Phila tied at 2, and Denver fighting to even up the series at two in Portland tonight.

On the news side of things, we got the Barr hearing, which in the grand scheme of things, didn’t move the needle either way for either side as well as #chickenbarr which also isn’t going to do much for anyone. We need to see Mueller on the stand and until then I don’t see much else happening.

On that note, let’s dive in to some of this week’s media…


The Spring of Sophie

Sansa for the win. Although she came off as one of the more annoying characters in the first three seasons, she’s been a strong character since then and she’s grown on me1. I’m not big on following famous people’s lives, it seems very invasive to me, but a lot of this is stuff Sophie has shared herself so I’m going to say it’s okay. She’s been killing it in all aspects lately, although, I can’t say I’m looking forward to the new X-Men movie. Like at all. And I don’t think she fits Jean Grey very well either. I also didn’t see the last X-Men movie either, so I guess who am I to judge.

Hop, hop… 😂

Philly’s Hawk

This requires a subscription to Cleaning the Glass, but it’s a great breakdown of the Hawk set, which Ben has written about multiple times before in regards to multiple teams.

This time he takes a look at how Philly went to it against Brooklyn to secure the series, but how at the same time, it became useless against Toronto and their personal. It really gives a good insight into how much coaching really does matter because you can’t just throw the best five guys out there and expect to win without a plan designed to go up against your specific opponent.

Isola: Blatant lack of respect for NBA referees, which has increased all season, falls on the players and the league office

Every season it gets worse and worse. Players really need to quit this shit. Yes, referees sometimes get calls wrong, but that’s part of life and the game. The goal should be to be consistent and I think they’ve done a fine job of that this season. The league needs to set a limit for how much players can yell at refs and make it absolutely clear guys will get tossed if they cross the line. I doubt it’ll solve things though and that’s exactly the problem.


Barry S2E5 Ronny/lily

I know Game of Thrones is happening right now, but I think Barry might be the best thing on TV despite that fact. Episode four blew me away with the emotion and suspense on display, but this episode completely shifted the tone and Bill Hader’s performance and direction were top notch in one of the craziest, and funniest fight scenes I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to compare something like this to the battle in GoT, but I think I actually enjoyed this one more.


Father of the Bride - Vampire Weekend

I’ve been jamming to the singles off this album for awhile now. I’m not even sure why I jumped head first into this one after finding their last two albums just fine. Their first album is the only one I ever really threw on repeat and this is the first album they’ve done without Rostam whose stuff I’ve really been digging. So signs weren’t really pointed in the right direction for this one.

However, Father of the Bride is basically Vampire Weekend taking everything they’ve learned from their last three albums, putting it all together, with some A+ production to wrap it all up. I haven’t spent enough time with their non-singles yet, but 2021 and Harmony Hall are still great places to start. I’m hoping to listen through a few more times and putting my thoughts down on paper soon.


Milkshake Mountain - Miskatonic

I hadn’t had a Miskatonic beer before this one, since they are known more for their darker beers, I believe, but I discovered them through Hop Butcher for the World, the brewery I’m currently obsessed with, who rent out space in the Miskatonic brewery for their own beer.

Miskatonic released their first hazy and milkshake IPAs a week or two ago, and I figured they probably got some tips from Hop Butcher so I decided to give Milkshake Mountain a shot and it was pretty good. If Blazed Orange from Hop Butcher is an orange creamsicle, Milkshake Mountain is a funfetti cake. It’s much sweeter without any fruit flavor mixed in, making it a bit more on the sweet side for my tastes.


Long Shot

I didn’t have high expectations for this, but the trailer was pretty funny and I fall into the camp that enjoys Rogan’s style of humor. It basically met the expectations set in the trailer with the addition of some heart and even a bit on the divide in current affairs.


Tim Ferriss Show #366: Neil Gaiman — The Interview I’ve Waited 20 Years To Do

I’ve had this in my queue for a very long time now and it was definitely worth it. Gaiman is such a thoughtful person and it was a joy listening to him talk about pens and paper. On top of that, the discussion around Terry Pratchett was great.

99% Invisible 352- Uptown Squirrel

Squirrel! Honestly, I don’t even remember that much from this, just that I enjoyed it. And it’s 99% Invisible, they always do a great job of telling stories.


Well I did it! Two in a row! Two for two! I’m mentally preparing for tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones as we speak, with the Portland v. Denver on the TV set in the meantime. My hope is to catch up on some comics this week so hopefully I’ll have some thoughts to share here next week on that.

Until then, -kK

  1. although I’m still all about Arya.