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21 May 2019 🔗 🎙



Your podcast episodes will be available not only through email and on your Substack site, but also in all the major podcast apps.

I’m happy to see the steps Substack has taken to move their platform truly into podcasting.

Initially, it had appeared their so-called podcasts were only accessible through their email newsletters. Now, not only do they appear to create an RSS feed for podcasts, but they also have private RSS feeds, which include both free and paid podcasts, accessible in all podcast apps.

One thing I’ve been waiting for, and in my opinion is the best way to handle non-ad driven podcasts, is private feeds. Akin to how Ben Thompson handles his RSS feeds for Stratechery, where you can support the show, not be locked-in to a specific platform1, but take the feed to any app and listen wherever you heart desires.

I don’t currently subscribe to any paid newsletters or podcasts through Substack, but it’s probably where I would suggest people to go if they are looking for a patron supported platform for newsletters or podcasts.

As a side note, the podcast feature with Substack is still considered in beta, so it’ll be interesting to see what else they do with it.


I’d like to see places like The Athletic adopt personal RSS feeds for their podcasts. I subscribe to The Athletic for the articles, and have barely even looked at their podcasts. If they’d let me listen in Overcast so I don’t have to bounce around and they’d queue up automatically where I already am, I’d give them more of a shot.

  1. cough cough, luminary, cough↩︎

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