🏀 Lotto Balls and Western Battles - an NBA Live Weblog

May 14, 2019 🕸 🏀 🐂

As an NBA fan tonight is a big night with both the NBA Draft Lottery and the beginning of the Conference Finals with game one of the Western Conference Finals kicking off in Oakland.

As a Chicago Bulls fan, a lot is at stake. With the fourth worst record in the league, they end up with a 12.5% chance to land the number one pick, which will be Zion Williamson from Duke, and a 48% chance to land in the top four, where they will get a shot at Ja Morant, Jarrett Culver, or Darius Garland.

Others might look at RJ Barrett here, and while I’m sure he will be a good player, I’m just not as high on him, I might even go with Cam Reddish before Barrett, but then again I have no say and my job is not on the line if I’m wrong.

I also like Coby White out of North Carolina, but he’s a last resort if the lottery gods decide to reign hell over Chicago, which would be cruel given it’s taking place here tonight. All of that is being said without knowing where Chicago’s pick will end up at this point. I will definitely dive in deeper at another point.

The festivities kick off at 7:30 Central, so buckle in, cross your fingers, and hope the balls bounce Chicago’s way.

4th - Lakers

3rd - Knicks

2nd - Grizzlies

1st - Pelicans

  1. Zion to NOLA
  2. Ja Morant to the Griz
  3. RJ Barrett to NY
  4. Darius Garland to the Lakers
  5. De’Andre Hunter to the Cavs


Portland 23-27 Golden State

Portland 45-54 Golden State

Portland 71-77 Golden State

Portland points-more points Golden State