📹 Liverpool’s Incredible Bounce Back in CL ⚽️

8 May 2019 video soccer

Incredible. Absolutely incredible. I wasn’t able to watch with CL games being during the day and all, but given they were down 0-3 in aggregate going in, I can’t say I would’ve watched even if I could have.

When I saw this score yesterday at work, I sat in silence for a good five minutes completely stunned. Despite not being able to see the game live, watching these highlights below were mind blowing. Origi picking up where he left off Saturday, scoring the goal that kept the PL chances alive. Wijnaldum coming up big with two goals. And the final goal, with Alexander-Arnold making the quick pass off the corner to Origi, for his second goal of the day, and the goal that put them up in aggregate, was just absolutely phenomenal.

The only thing that could make this better is a City loss this Sunday.

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