📹 From a Milwaukee Buck to a Milwaukee Usher

25 May 2019 🐦 📹

I always wonder what players do after their careers, especially those with shorter careers, and on top of that, they just didn’t make the same kind of money they do now. Today, a five year career after getting drafted in the first round could probably last someone their entire life if they don’t splurge, save some money and live a low-key life.

This is a pretty cool story to see Dick G. go from Buck, to Budweiser, and then back to the Bucks.

A former Milwaukee Buck, who played with Kareem and Oscar, is in the building every night... but you'd never know it: pic.twitter.com/TXdRm3NbXD

— Michele Steele (@ESPNMichele) May 25, 2019

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