📹 The Chef Show - Trailer

22 May 2019 video tv

I’m not sure if I’d actually watch this, but the trailer is pretty entertaining, for what that’s worth. I’m a big Jon Favreau fan, and I thought Chef was a near masterpiece. Maybe not masterpiece in the way Phantom Thread is a masterpiece, but it was a super fun, heartfelt movie that did more than just keep your attention.

This is pretty much Jon saying, Hey, I had a blast prepping for that movie, learning how to cook from Roy Choi, let’s just do that shit again, and invite people I like to do it with us.” That may not be for everyone, and like I said, I don’t even know if I’d watch it because cooking shows have never really been my jam, but if there is a show with the potential to change that, this might be the one.

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