🗞 Vol. 001 🏆

28 April 2019 🗞

I’m trying something new. Newsletters are all the rage, but I wanted something with a more permanent home, to live alongside the other wonders of the world of TIV. So that’s what this is.
I have a plan and a schedule in mind, but we will see how things go.

Essentially, this is a round up of the interesting things from the week. A lot of it will come from the links I’ve collected, some from the media I’ve enjoyed, and tidbits of other singular focuses and interests. Although a lot of what you see below might be considered timely, this is not the ultimate goal and hidden treasures from days past will hopefully appear as well.

With that being said, welcome to Vol. 001 🏆


The goal going forward will to have a little intro about the week past, but with this being the first issue of Vol. the intro is basically what you saw above. In coming weeks I’ll get into it a little more. So treat this section as more of a placeholder.


Ryan Murphy is Bringing The Boys in the Band’ to Netflix, Starring Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, and More //200419//

Linking to this purely because of the cast. I’ve never been a fan of Ryan Murphy’s stuff, but I have given most of his shows a shot. Nothing has stuck with me to this point. It helps that this will be a movie rather than a series as well.

The Golden Age of Half-Truths — On my Om //080419//

This perfectly encaptuales the moment we are living through and Om paints a picture in a way only he can. If there’s one thing you read from these links, this would be where I’d point to first.

Amal Clooney: Prosecute Islamic State extremists for rape - The Washington Post //230419//

The resolution eliminated long-used language on providing sexual and reproductive health care” to survivors of rape and abuse to avert a veto from the Trump administration. And it eliminated a positive reference to the International Criminal Court’s work in prosecuting alleged perpetrators of sexual violence in conflict.

From rage to redemption: The night they roared in Rip City //230419//

I’m pulling for Portland to get past Denver. The shot by Dame was absolutely amazing and I hope they can keep it going. I’d love to see Portland battle in the Western Conference Finals and make a little bit of noise. I don’t think they can actually get past HOU/GSW, but it could still be fun given the way Lillard has been playing lately.


Stratechery 169 — Family-Friendly Disney //180419//

Great discussion over Disney+ and the strategy they and the other entrants have used up to this point.

Against the Rules - Ref, You Suck! //010419//

This was a great look and evaluation of how we perceive referees. Players really just need to cool it when they argue over Every. Single. Call.

The McElroy Brothers Will Be In Trolls World Tour 8 //230419//

I don’t really listen to their other podcasts, but everything about this show it great. This continues that trend and even improves on it a bit.


Game of Thrones S8E2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms //210419//

This was absolutely a top episode all-time for me. I wasn’t surprised to hear this was directed by David Nutter, who directed The Rains of Castamere, The Dance of Dragons, and Mother’s Mercy, among others.

My singular focus is Tormund right now. I laugh every time he is on screen and was very dissatisfied with Alison Herman’s episode recap for the Ringer, where she shuns the bearded fella. Shame.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver S6E9: Chiitan //210419//

Japan is just one of the coolest countries. I really need to go visit one of these days.

Barry S2E4: What?! //210419//

I watched episode three and four, back to back this week and they pieces excellently together in that way. I though episode three was fantastic, until it was completely blown out of the water by episode four. Suspense, intrigue, emotion. It had it all, with a crazy ending to boot.


Avengers: Endgame //260419//

Need I say more?



I did not expect to like this one bit, but it has really stuck with me over the past week. I need some more listens before I’ll really have much to say.


Thanks for reading along. I’ve got a lot of ideas for where to take this, with even more categories (📹💻📷🍺🏀📖🦸‍♂️) but for now I’m going to leave it here.

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