📹 Joker - Teaser Trailer

3 April 2019 🎥 📹

I’m really excited for this. I haven’t been this excited for a DC movie since The Dark Knight Rises. Joaquin Phoenix is a top five actor in the world right now, it’s Todd Philips moving away from comedy for the first time, with a whole cast of talented actors besides Phoenix. Philips also has a screenwriting credit, as he does with most of his movies, along with Scott Silver, Oscar nominated for The Fighter screenplay, as well as working on the 8 Mile script.

The tone of this trailer really does it for me. It has a nice creepy, manic vibe. I imagine them doing a lot of interesting things with pace going from long and slow, creepy shots to crazy over the top, fast paced, adrenaline-rush moments.

October 4, 2019

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