🔗 Why this 19-year-old BuzzFeed quizmaker will no longer work for free

8 February 2019 link


He then referenced one such super-user — a Michigan teen who he says was the site’s second highest traffic driver worldwide.” When I read that paragraph about, like, me basically … I felt kind of like a weight put on my shoulders, and I kind of felt like, am I one of the reasons all these people lost their jobs?” McMahon said.

Crazy that Buzzfeed has relied on its user-created content for so much traffic. I was always hearing about how Buzzfeed was getting into real journalism and doing good work[^1], but just with the rest of the media world, I’m sure they know how hard it is to rely on that to pay the bills.

Good for McMahon for taking advantage of the opportunities this has led to for her.

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