📹 The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won’t Use

February 10, 2019 📹

Thought provoking video, approaching it from a business perspective. I wonder what the results would be if an airline went with his suggested modified approach to boarding.

Would there be a significant timing savings, in practice? Would the time savings allow airlines to use it to their financial benefit? Would it be noticable to customers, where customer sat1 would show a noticable increase?

I know first class boards first, and it totally makes sense financially, but I wonder if even first class travellers wouldn’t prefer boarding last. I’ve never travelled first class, but I’m pretty sure they wait in lounges, which look much more comfortable than an airplane seat. Wouldn’t you prefer to wait there rather than on the plane? Give them a heads up in the lounge that others are boarding, is they can prepare themselves, then have someone come and personally escort first class members onto the plane before take off.

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