🔗 The teachings and the teacher

16 January 2019 🔗


Austin Kleon:

I don’t care about the men themselves. They probably get whatever they deserve. (I’m getting too old for heroes, anyways, and celebrities, actors, comedians, they’re people, yes, but they’re also projections.) I’m thinking about what I have taken from them. How perhaps-not-so-good-in-hindsight men have helped me become a better man. What happens then?

Reminds me of discussions people have had In regards to consuming media made by the likes of Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacy, and the plethora of others. However, utilizing something you’ve learned is completely different than having to see the person’s face on TV, especially in circumstances where those people could be profiting.

I used to think hypocrisy comes with the best of intentions,” and I believe that to be the case sometimes, but given the current climate and the complete shistorm we are in the epicenter of it’s become increasingly difficult to reconcile.

It’s like they say in A.A. and sing in The Band: Take what you need and leave the rest.” The need I will take is the teaching. The rest I will leave is the teacher.

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