🏀 Bulls trade Justin Holiday to Memphis

January 3, 2019 🏀 🐂

Per Woj, the Bulls have traded Justin Holiday to the Memphis Grizzlies for Wayne Seldon, MarShon Brooks, and two second round draft picks.

It’s a fine trade. I’d be happy with a Big Mac for Holiday at this point and I don’t even like McDonalds.

I loved Wayne Seldon at Kansas, but he hasn’t been able to see much floor time in his NBA career. He will be able to get some minutes with the Bulls and hopefully develop his game a little bit.

I don’t know much about MarShon Brooks but at age 29, he probably doesn’t have much room to grow. Bulls are at 16 roster spots so they will have to waive someone. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were Brooks.

But in the end, we added two more draft picks. You ever know when you might hit with a late pick, or they could potentially package those up for something else. Hopefully, moving Holiday allows more shots for Markkanen, Carter, and Dunn.