➲ Warren says she’s looking at 2020. Her actions say she’s running.

October 16, 2018 🔗 🏛


Natasha Korecki:

And if the 2020 choreography wasn’t unmistakable enough, Monday’s video rollout sent a clear sign to any Democrat who wondered whether Warren would fight back against President Donald Trump, who has taunted her as Pocahontas” and stated he would donate $1 million to Warren’s charity of choice if she took a DNA test that proved her claims of Native American ancestry. By taking the test, demanding that Trump pay the money he publicly wagered against her and wrapping it all with an expertly produced video that detailed her roots to Oklahoma Republicans, Warren went about as far toward announcing her candidacy as she could without actually saying the words.

I don’t think this would come as a surprise to anybody but I’m happy to see she is taking steps. Out of the potential candidates floating around, Warren is definitely the person I’m most likely to support (with the caveat we are still two years out, obviously).

In terms of timing, I don’t know too much about coming out too early or too late. I can see strategy around it, but it doesn’t make much of a difference to me although I might very well be ignorant to how it could negatively impact the midterm elections.