➲‘Suicide Squad 2’: James Gunn in Talks to Write, Possibly Direct

October 10, 2018 🔗 🎥


Chris Evangelista:

In the months to come, the studio put together a shortlist of possible filmmakers, including Mel Gibson. By March of 2017, The Shallows director Jaume Collet-Serra was Warners’ top-choice to direct. Collet-Serra didn’t take the gig, however. Come summer 2017, The Accountant director Gavin O’Connor was officially signed to write and direct the follow-up film.

James Gunn is definitely a step up based on the list above.

This would actually be perfect and a great sign for DC turning things around, along with the Joker movie currently in production. It’s essentially DCs GotG, best case scenario for all parties involved.