➲ Daniel Radcliffe and the Art of the Fact-Check

October 11, 2018 ☼ πŸ”—


Michael Schulman:

β€œSorry, yes,” Radcliffe said, laughing nervously. β€œI’m an English person who has not been to Mexico, so that was my first frame of reference.”

A few days later, a New Yorker fact checker called Radcliffe to verify the above account. β€œVery meta,” he said. Everything checked out, except that he had been drinking a cappuccino, not a latte, and he has, in point of fact, been to Mexico.

Love seeing the intersection of different worlds like this. Getting a glimpse of what someone like Radcliffe does to prepare for a role and a brief look at what a fact-checker goes through for a publication like The New Yorker.

Via: kottke.org