End of the Cavs

January 23, 2018

It’s nothing new to point out how terrible the Cavs have been especially considering the recent losing skid they’ve been going through. The funny thing is some people are still picking them to come out of the East to return to the championship. This is absurd, Boston is the best team in the East.

Even if LeBron turns on the switch, it doesn’t change the fact they lost one point guard who doesn’t play defense and added three who are even worse defensively.

The roster they’ve put together in Cleveland resembles that of previous Knicks teams, signing players three years too late, rather than that of a championship contender. I put a lot of this blame on LeBron who pushed for the likes of Tristan Thompson to get paid. It’s those kinds of decisions that result in their current roster.

Not to be too dramatic but I’m starting to doubt that LeBron ever returns to the Finals again in his career. If he sticks with the Cavs, we get more of this dysfunction. If he signs with the Lakers, he ends up on a young team, that will provide plenty of headaches, and has players that aren’t yet ready for the next level. Not to mention the issues he could create trying to construct his own team a la Cleveland.

The place it makes the most sense for LeBron to go, out of the potential suitors, is Philidelphia. They have young guys on the edge of really figuring it out, and they have pieces building towards a cohesive team, rather than the random mess you see in LA or Cleveland.