⚽️ Liverpool vs Arsenal - Live Weblog

29 December 2018 live blog soccer

It’s been quite some time since I’ve live blogged a Liverpool match and there doesn’t seem to be a better match to get back into the flow than this one. The top five excluding Luverpool have all had a rough couple weeks, Man City dropping two in a row, Chelsea and Arsenal dropping points last week, and Tottenham losing to Wolves this morning. Liverpool has a chance to really extend their lead in the tables today, but it will be tough. Liverpool and Arsenal tied 1-1 back in November and since then, Arsenal has been on a tear.

Liverpool 0-1 Arsenal

Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal

Liverpool 2-1

Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal

Liverpool 4-1 Arsenal

Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

Liverpool now has a nine point lead in the table over Tottenham. A Manchester City win tomorrow would move them into second, but would still trail Liverpool by seven points.

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