📹 The Last Dance - Trailer - A Documentary on MJ 🏀

December 27, 2018 📹 🏀

We're just gonna leave this here ... Merry Christmas! pic.twitter.com/jnCyGrPyqv

— ESPN (@espn) December 25, 2018

I continue to believe Michael Jordan is the greatest to ever play the game. Maybe I’m biased as a Chicago fan, but in my mind, nobody has the combination of talent, drive, stats, and accolades he does.

LeBron is, admittedly, right on Jordan’s heels, but he only has 3/4 of the above. Once Jordan figured it out, he made sure he never lost again. I’ll give LeBron the fact he had to go up against both the Spurs at their height, as well as the unfathomable Golden State Warriors, but the fact all of Jordan’s top competition essentially disappeared when the 90’s rolled around is a statement in itself.

Anyways, waiting until 2020 for this really sucks, but once it’s here I’m sure I’ll devour it.