🔗 Zion Williamson Is Here to Melt Your Brain, Over and Over Again 🏀

November 7, 2018 🏀 🔗


Kevin O’Connor:

Who turns the gravity off whenever Zion Williamson steps onto a basketball court? Or does Earth’s gravitational pull not work the same on Williamson as it does for the rest of us? When Zion leaps for a dunk, he explodes like a rocket and, for a moment, it’s like he’s headed for orbit.

It’s probably a little to early to start thinking about the NBA draft, but I wonder if the top two picks have ever come from the same team. Freshmen from the same team? Or maybe even the top three picks being freshmen from the same team? I could see Cam Reddish falling back a little bit from three1, but right now R.J. Barrett and Zion Williamson have to be the consensus top two draft picks, right?

  1. I have no idea where Reddish is projected to go but I could easily see it being 3-5.