🔗 The Big Day is Here

November 5, 2018 🏛 🔗 💬


Dave Pell:

So tomorrow is a big day. We’re celebrating the 90th birthday of someone whose personal history made it reasonably unlikely she’d reach her eleventh. And we’re voting in an American election at a moment when antisemitism (and racism, fascism, xenophobia, fear-mongering, etc.) is once again on the rise in places as far as Poland, Germany, and Hungary, and as close as Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue.

While she understands that everything is political, my mom is far from being a rabid partisan. The morning after Trump’s election, she said, He deserves a chance to lead.” Well, he’s been given that chance. And politicians across the country have been given the chance to decide how to respond to his brand of leadership.

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