🔗 Decision 2018: Make It an Informed One - Apple News Editorial

November 6, 2018 🔗 🏛

Lauren Kern:

Through election day, our editors will highlight the most important, rigorously reported news to help you understand key races and your fellow voters. Rather than focus on party politics, we’ll cover issues as they’re lived on the ground, in the districts and states where these races will be decided, vote by vote. We’ll publish exclusive analysis and we’ll collect thoughtful opinions from across the political spectrum, so you can understand how different people see the issues — even if you don’t agree with them. We won’t shy away from controversial topics, but our goal is to illuminate, not enrage. And we’ll always steer clear of rumor and propaganda.

After reading the New York Times piece on Apple News, Apple News’s Radical Approach: Humans Over Machines - The New York Times, I’ve been keeping an eye on the app. They do some nice things with their digests and big events, but I’ve struggled with the Today tab, although this could be due to my lack of usage.

With the Midterm Elections, they have a page set up, so I’m giving it a spin as my place to go for news tonight. Based on the NYT piece and the Letter from Editor included with the Midterms, Ive been impressed with Lauren Kern, Apple News Editor-in-Chief, and think it could become a go-to placed for big events like this.

I hope there’s more to come in terms of improvements to the Today tab and additional offerings with the purchase of Texture. But more importantly, I’m hoping for good news tonight with the Midterms.