➲ It’s Not HBO. It’s TV. Apparently.

9 July 2018


M.G. Siegler:

In fact, the only thing he should be talking less about is getting more data and information about a customer”. This is the era of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica shitshow. Per above, I realize this was meant to be a closed-door meeting, but if you’re looking for one key statement that would perhaps rub your (future) employees the wrong way…

This leak has been spread around the interwebs in the last 24 hours but I had to make a note of it for just how crazy this sounds to me.

In a time where people throw hours a day away staring at their phone (myself included), HBO has the perfect model, investing in a small number of super high quality shows, in the hopes of creating appointment television.

When you have a show like Game of Thrones you’ve won. Trying to capture hours a day instead of hours a week inevitably means a dip in quality and HBOs value proposition goes straight out the window.

Don’t even get me started on the data collection and advertising aspect of this…

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