➲ Farewell, Kawhi: A Spurs Fan Reflects on a Star’s Inevitable Departure

July 19, 2018


Shea Serrano:

More conversations will come out of the Kawhi trade, for sure — how will Kawhi fit alongside Kyle Lowry? Can the Raptors convince Kawhi to stay longer than just the year he’s under contract? Does Kawhi even own a jacket? Will DeMar and LaMarcus get along? Did the Spurs somehow win a trade that included shipping off the player they were supposed to build their franchise around for the next decade? Has DeMar all of this time been the most Spursy player who’s never played for the Spurs? How much did Gregg Popovich laugh at the idea of sending Kawhi to one of the coldest cities in the league knowing that Kawhi wanted nothing more than to be back home in Los Angeles? How crazy is it that the one player everybody knew was so exactly perfect to be a career Spur ended up being the one to try and Mr. Orange the franchise? Has there ever been a situation as opposite of the way that the Raptors fans are going to treat DeMar during his first game back to Toronto in comparison to the way the Spurs fans are going to treat Kawhi during his first game back in San Antonio? Will Spurs fans ever be able to step back and thank Kawhi for the 2014 championship? etc. — but today, that’s the feeling: relief.

All poignant questions from Mr. Serrano. After hearing the news about the Kahwi trade being official, I waited to see the thoughts from Shea Serrano and it did not dissappoint.

It really is a weird situation seeing the one person who seemed perfect for the Spurs, demand out of San Antonio. I honestly don’t think there’s a better team for Kawhi than the Spurs, which, even as a Bulls fan, Kawhi officially leaving makes me a little sad. Hopefully it works out for all involved, but at least the drama is over with for now.