Drew Michael’ Tests the Limits of Stand-up Comedy

August 24, 2018


Austin Elias-de Jesus:

Drew Michael works as a meditation on the idea of the hubris involved in doing stand-up as well as the medium’s contradictions.

Drew Michael does not feel just like the culmination of years of touring and refining bits, but like a comment in a longer conversation about stand-up comedy’s ability to be self-aware and emotionally honest. Drew Michael argues that the stand-up special can aspire to be more than a concert film, that it can be more than just watching an audience watch a performance. That it can begin to capture someone’s thoughts, whether right or wrong. That it can encapsulate someone’s anger, whether justified or unjustified. Drew Michael argues that the stand-up special can make us think, cry, fume with anger, disagree, and also, hopefully, laugh.

Saw the trailer for this and it caught me a little bit off guard. I still haven’t watched it but I am definitely intrigued and have added it to my watch list. Will report back when I get around to it.