➲ Don’t Despair Over The Supreme Court—Get Mad, Then Even

July 10, 2018


Going to leave this here without comment.

Brian Beutler:

The easiest place to start is by opposing Kavanaugh on the basis, among other things, of the concept of popular sovereignty. Trump was a big majority-vote loser in 2016. He is under investigation for conspiring with a hostile intelligence service to sabotage his majority-vote winning opponent. The case that such a person should be denied the power to make his imprint on American society for decades is easy to make.

He continues:

Trump has hastened democratic backsliding in the U.S., but he is also a symptom of it, as is the Kavanaugh nomination. It is frightening to imagine the consequences of it, and maddening to know Republicans will likely confirm him no matter how hard or cleverly Democrats fight it. But it should also be galvanizing. Today should be a reminder to liberals not that all hope is lost, but that we’re living through a moment where democracy is on the line and we have an opportunity to save it.