➲ David Lynch has directed some INSANE commercials over the years

July 6, 2018


Drew Millard:

That mystery, in its own way, also explains why there might have been a genuine question about whether or not he liked Donald Trump: it can be hard to tell whether Lynch finds abject horror in the things people see as harmless kitsch, or if he finds harmless kitsch where other people see abject horror.

I had only discovered David Lynch when I heard they were making a third season of Twin Peaks. I binged the first two seasons to watch the third season and thought it was an amazing piece of art.

Ever since, I’ve found David Lynch to be a fascinating human being and I just hope he is able to create more. This quote captures the essence of Lynch, Twin Peaks: The Return, and all of these commercials as well. There’s a consistent feel to his body of work, which I admire greatly.