➲ A Story About Manu

May 1, 2018

Shea Serrano from the Ringer:

But there’s never really been a time when someone was talking about how great Manu is and felt compelled to bring up stats. He’s just not one of those types of players. His basketball essence has always felt more cosmic; more mystical; more indescribable; more enchanted; always threaded into a move he did, or a pass he tried, or a shot he took. You wouldn’t describe him with numbers for the same reasons you don’t describe how beautiful a painting is or how magnificent a song is with numbers.

As a Bulls fan, I tend not to glom on to players outside of Chicago. However, Popovich has done such a great job at building an organization to instill the best in players and Manu is the epitome of just that. There isn’t much more to say. All we can do is hope we get one more year of Manu.