Tales of an App Store Rejection: Gravity

October 28, 2015

Dan Moren:

Really, what Apple needs is a small group within the App Store review team to flag apps that are pushing the envelope in smart, respectful ways; work with those apps’ developers; and present overall recommendations to App Store leadership—perhaps even reporting directly to Eddy Cue. Blanket rejections get you nowhere, and they increase the frustration of developers who are legitimately trying to do cool things that delight users—just as Apple aims to do.

I can’t imagine anyone is surprised that an app that wants to turn your iPhone into a digital scale, through it’s 3D Touch capabilities, was rejected. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it became a native feature as the technology matured in a future iteration of the iPhone.

Moren’s suggested idea of helping push the envelope is spot on. Apple has the means to create such a team, and it doesn’t have to be A level talent that works with these developers.

Having a team work with the developers to create innovative apps, within Apple’s own constraints, is great for both parties. It allows Apple to create even more differentiation for it’s products with the help of developers, while also being able to check-in and make sure everything is being handled in an acceptable fashion.