Stupid is the Brand Killer

March 3, 2015

Seth Godin on treating customers:

Some ways to make people feel stupid:

Most people (particularly the customers you seek) donโ€™t mind paying a little extra if it comes with dignity, confidence and a smile.

Reading this, the first thing that crossed my mind was the recent discovery of spyware/adware that is shipped with Lenovo laptops. This may make me sound like an Apple fanboy, but Apple does a lot of these things right. I always buy the extended Apple care with my products, but on numerous occasions, brought my MacBook Pro in after the two years and have had free replacements on various parts for it.

Iโ€™m okay paying the higher prices to Apple because I know that I am not the product. Apple ships a product as is, and it is (usually) perfect for me. There is no fluff or nonsense.

Apple, of course, is not the only company that does a lot of these things right. The ones that do it right keep their customers coming back over and over again.