Spidey Coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

February 10, 2015

Ever since The Avengers people who were unaware of the Sony/Marvel deal would ask Where’s Spider-Man?” They had seen the Toby McGuire or now the Andrew Garfield films and wondered why he wasn’t an integral part of one of the greatest super hero films ever.

For those of us who have been dying for Marvel to get the rights to Spider-Man back, our prayers have been answered. Finally.

In a deal that involves no money at all, Marvel will be able to use Spider-Man in their Civil War, Avengers, and other Marvel Studios franchise films. In exchange, Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, will help Sony Pictures relaunch Spider-Man (once again…) in order for them to establish a greater super hero universe in 2017.

A lot of speculation has occurred over who will play Spider-Man as well as which Spider-Man it will be. If we go back to when Andrew Garfield was cast, you may remember that Donald Glover was dying to get a chance to play the role, probably as Miles Morales, a teenaged boy of Black and Hispanic descent. Slash Film had my favorite potential scenario where they suggest we might see Spider-Man, masked, in Civil War only to unmask himself as Miles Morales. That would be incredible (and a much better reveal than Robin” in The Dark Knight Rises). Although it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to keep that under wraps.

It’s safe to say I’m incredibly excited. This is the news we were waiting to hear when they announced their movie line-up (shortly after DCs event) for the next eighty million years (or so it seems) back in October 2014. Now the countdown and anticipation begins.