Snapchat Discovery

January 27, 2015

There is something about Snapchat that has really captured the attention of a younger audience. Check the phones of people between the high school age and recent college graduates; Snapchat will most likely be on all of their phones. It’s a great app because of it’s simple user friendly style and the people over at Snapchat have plans to expand and monetize it. Discovery is one of those first implementations and it looks fantastic thus far. Right now they have a few feeds set up from a few different sources including CNN, Comedy Central, VICE, Yahoo News, ESPN, and so on. These sources can update their feeds on a daily basis so you can keep up with the most recent news and sports right from the app. This is the first multimedia presentation of news that is actually effective in my opinion. There are a lot of apps out there that can send videos to you in order to get you the news, but they haven’t had the success in implementation that we see with Snapchat Discovery. Snapchat Discovery allows you to enter the channel and swipe through to a story that looks interesting. If something interests you, you can swipe up and a video or article is provided. I really hope this catches on because I already like flipping over to Discovery to see if there is anything new and it will also provide a way for Snapchat to monetize itself and become a sustainable business. I expect to see Snapchat introduce the ability to customize the channels you receive updates from soon.

I cannot wait to see what else Snapchat does to expand the usefulness of the app.