My First Field Notes

August 4, 2015

Jonathan Poritsky of the candler blog

I now produce more content than ever before, and of a higher caliber than any other point in my writing life. My digital workflow is refined and something elegant. But not writing in notebooks has also taken its toll on me. I rarely write digital work that goes unpublished, whereas most of my notebook work has never been seen by anyone other than myself.

In other words, on the computer, I rarely do any creative exploration anymore. My old notebooks are full of half-cocked stories.

It’s really refreshing to see Jonathan’s honest take, as it was written, in his first Field Notes. I believe a lot of people with similar interests can sometimes find it difficult to balance the analog and the digital. What you see here is what he wrote in his first Field Notes in 2011. It doesn’t get more honest than that. Although he admits that it may not truly be his highest caliber of work, it is still great to see that inner dialouge between being extremely productive with his digital tools and lacking the creative exploration that he once had with analog tools.

Source: The Newsprint