More thoughts: Content Blockers

September 18, 2015

With the quick adoption of content blockers on iOS, some web publishers have begun restricting access to articles and videos if these blockers are enabled.

Web publishers have every right to restrict access to their content from users that have enabled these ad blockers. What this does is give the user the choice as to whether they believe that specific article is worth the barrage of ads and trackers. If the user consistently reloads articles from a specific site without their content blocker, then they will hopefully whitelist it. However, if they continually decide it is not worth it, then they will stop visiting that site altogether.

At first this will be a lose/lose situation for the publishers and the readers but after time, hopefully publishers and readers will find a middle ground where ads are still fed to readers, the sites that get through the hard times will begin to regain revenue, but the obtrusiveness will be limited.

Maybe I’m just being optimistic.