Just Like Cat Poop Coffee

August 7, 2015

Kaleigh Rogers quoting Camille Delebecque, founder of Afineur:

A lot of people have heard of kopi luwak but they’ve also heard of the bad side, so that’s part of the [interest],’ Delebecque told me. And I think teaming up with microbes to create a new kind of fermented food, there’s some interest there.’

The idea of picking coffee beans out of feces has never sounded very appealing to me but so much buzz has built up around Cat poop coffee” that given the opportunity I would probably try it. But only if I didn’t have to pay for it. The fact people are paying $500.00 for a pound of it is literally insane to me.

Attempting to create this type of coffee synthetically must be appealing to a lot of people given the animal abuse factor that comes with the real stuff along with the high demand and sell price.

I’ll be waiting to see what comes of this but if the response is positive come December, if they ship on time, I’ll probably give it a shot at $45.00 for a 10 oz. bag.