Jock joins Snyder on Batman #44

8 September 2015

Scott Snyder as quoted by the Washington Post:

We wanted to go centrally into issues like police brutality, the stratification of wealth in a place like Gotham, political corruption.

The issue isn’t meant to focus on any one issue more than the other, even though some of them are in the news now. It’s meant to be a story about a kid who, everywhere he looks, sees nothing but hopelessness. He sees no way out of the situation he’s in, and everyone he goes to for help lets him down in tremendous ways. And that includes Bruce Wayne.


The [artistic] approach that I have lends itself to the more kind of reality-based stories — the grimmer, the grittier and, particularly with this issue, dealing with an element of gangs and urban culture, I love doing that stuff.

The run that Scott Snyder and Jock had, along with Rafael Albuquerque, on Detective Comics before the New 52 DC reboot was an absolute joy to read. Getting to see the two of them work together again, even for a single issue, is a welcome treat, especially after getting Wytches from Image Comics by the two of them.

This looks like it is going to be a backstory issue where we get to learn a little more about the villian, Mr. Bloom, in the current arc, Superheavy, making it the perfect place to get a little more Jock art. Batman #44 is out tomorrow, 9/9.

Source: Washinton Post

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