How I Gave Up Alternating Current

August 4, 2015

Rob Rhinehart:

The first space colonies will have no coal power plants. I am ready. For now though, as I am driven through the gleaming city, my hunger peacefully at bay, I have visions of the parking lots and grocery stores replaced by parks and community centers, power plants retrofitted as museums and galleries. Traffic and trash and pollution will evaporate, if only we are willing to adapt some routines.

There is a lot of ridiculous stuff in this post by the founder of Soylent, but there are also some really intruiging ideas. I have always been fascinated by the idea of minimalism” even though I am far from achieving anything that might resemble it.

I’ve also been seriously considering trying to purchase a tiny house as my main residence. A lot of what Rob says here applies to that style of living. It even has me considering using solar panels now as it doesn’t look too difficult to set up and has some real practical applications of everyday life, even in a normal household.