Blocking Ads Isn’t Stealing

17 September 2015

Jonathan Poritsky at the Candler Blog:

Online ads have gotten out of control. They’re heavy, they’re invasive, and they make browsing the web worse. There are many, many outlets that will be crushed when content blocking takes off in a big way. Here’s the thing, though: web advertising is already a shitty bargain for publishers to make.

The reason you see so many ads load at once on so many sites is because they don’t pay very well. Publishers seem to think the answer to diminishing returns on ads is…more ads! I’m no economist but that sounds a lot like publishers are driving down the value of their own content big time. The value of those ads is already approaching zero.

Along with Marco Arment’s own post (and this one), this is probably the best take I have seen so far on the contentious content blockers on iOS.

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