19 November 2015

Imagine writing a comic about yourself wanting to write a comic about a classic character, where you meet said character. Sounds pretty meta, huh? That’s exactly the piece of self referential fiction that James Robinson put together with the spectacular art from Greg Hinkle.

For those who don’t know, Airboy is an aviator hero from the Golden Age of comics. In this four issue mini series, James Robinson writes himself and artist Greg Hinkle as starring characters who discuss doing an Airboy series. Without going to far into spoiling the book, I will just tell you it’s a great piece of self reflection where James Robinson almost seems to be writing himself through therapy as he thinks through different aspects of his life.

All of that by itself isn’t a very compelling story. However, James and Greg (the characters in the book) end up meeting Airboy and go through some crazy experiences that lead to one of the greatest four issue mini series I have ever read. If you don’t want to take my word for it, iFanboy ended up giving all four issues the Pick of the Week on their podcast, which they stated on the latest episode, that no such feat has ever been achieved.

This series is something that I could not recommend more and being only four issues there isn’t much barrier to entry. Head to your local comic shop or pick it up from Comixology or direct from Image Comics.

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