Edgar Wright - How to do Visual Comedy

December 26, 2014

At the moment one of my favorite filmmakers is Edgar Wright. He wrote and directed the Cornetto trilogy as well as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. You can tell from his films the attention to detail he pays to every aspect of filmmaking. Every frame is planned to the tee and is there for a reason. He brings an originality without abandoning all that came before.

I was one of many that was extremely excited to see him tackle Ant-Man for Marvel. However, I was left extremely disappointed when he left the project. The excitement I had for the film has greatly depreciated and I am still a little bitter towards Marvel for not letting Wright take complete creative control over the film.

Wright and frequent collaborator, Simon Pegg, have released tidbits of their pre-production planning over the years, showing the grave attention to detail that is given. This video is great evidence to the originality that he brings in his direction compared to others and only makes me respect his art more.